Luna2 staff


Luna2 aims to deliver a cosmic guest experience every time.

To achieve this, Luna2 …

  • Is focused on attracting, retaining and ‘growing’ the right people – those with inherent honesty, ambition and experience to perform as part of the Luna2 team.
  • Targets passionate future managers, chefs, artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders… or, the ‘shoot-the-mooners’.
  • Aspires to provide a work environment and culture where the team is motivated and inspired to invest their own time and effort into growing the business.
  • Is focused on the development of its people (their skills, their careers, their goals), to provide opportunities for their growth.

The Luna2 ethos is to “Respect the past, welcome the future, and like to have fun in the process.” This ethos permeates throughout every aspect of the Luna2 brand, and is a connecting bond between each member of the Luna2 team.

Luna2 is a multi-national company, with team members who are among the best in the fields of hospitality, guest services, culinary & F&B service, design, sales & marketing.

Our staff must have impeccable presentation & grooming, along with a positive attitude and team spirit. Exceptional written & spoken English is required, with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a relevant field.

Visit Luna2’s LinkedIn profile, or email your CV to to find out more about becoming part of a winning team with a driving ambition to deliver cosmic guest experiences!